$1Million for Child Support? Creek It

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin - who is worth $6.9billion and makes approximately $3million a day - has spent almost $300million on real estate in the last two years in Chicago, Miami and New York.  
Details have emerged about a billionaire's record-breaking residential property spending spree as the hedge-fund manager and his estranged wife attempt to work out a settlement in their delayed divorce trial. 

Griffin, 46, filed for divorce from his wife Anne Dias-Griffin, 45, in July 2014 and the two have been fighting over the prenuptial agreement, which she claims she signed under duress, ever sin

Dias-Griffin was set to testify in court on Tuesday but the parties instead agreed to try and reach an agreement - and both sides said they were trying to secure a deal by Wednesday.
In addition to money, the two are also fighting over the custody of their three young children. 
The CEO agreed to pay his wife $25million in their prenup, plus $1million for each year they were married.
Having split after 11 years, Anne Dias Griffin has already accrued $35million and has a reported net worth of $50million. 
Earlier this year, Dias-Griffin said in a statement that her husband was fighting her child support demands in an attempt 'to punish his family and avoid his clear responsibility under Illinois law to maintain his children's lifestyle'. 
She is now asking for $1million a month just for child support, while Griffin is claiming he has already paid her $40million from the prenup agreement. 

Gold Digger, or what did you just say? :) would you have done differently in her position?

Source: MailOnline

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