#AdamawaCrashUpdate: Only Pilot died, Air force debunks report of "No survivorss"

Authorities of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) have described as a disservice to the general public reports that more than one person died in the Saturday evening N7 Fighter jet crash in Hong, Adamawa State.

The Naf director  of public relations and Information, Air Commodore Dele Alonge while speaking to journalist to address the issue said, 

“We do disservice to ourselves, the public must not be fed with wrong information. So it is not a question of how many people that died in the crash, it was just the pilot who was the only person inside.”

Alonge, who insisted that the N7 fighter jet carries only the pilot, said “people have to know the difference between a helicopter, a passenger jet and a fighter jet. The jet, unfortunately, ran into bad weather and it crashed, killing the pilot who was the only person on board.”

The NAF Director of Public Relations and Information (DoPRI), Air Commodore Dele Alonge, told The Guardian in Abuja yesterday that he was compelled to debunk some reports that more than one person died in the crash. “All those people writing that all passengers on board died, know where they got their own information from. It was only the pilot that died. How many people does an N7-Ni carry, it was just the pilot.

Meanwhile, the crash has been attributed to poor maintenance culture of service platforms and low professional capacity of personnel.

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