Netanyahu to wage "all-out-war" against Palestinians

  Why does the innocent have to suffer for the sins of a few?
 Why do the leaders hide behind the lies of protection of national interest to achieve their selfish aims?

On Thursday, Palestinian militants attacked a car in the West bank, killing an Israeli couple right in front of their children’s eyes. Two days later another instance occurred when a Palestinian armed with a knife attacked a group of Israelis in the Old City of Jerusalem, stabbing two of them to death. Three other persons were injured.

These incidents have prompted drastic action by the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu  who just returned from the General Assembly in New York which includes the deployment of additional military forces and police on the Western bank of Jordan River as well as in Eastern Jerusalem, restricting Palestinians from central Jerusalem, including holy sites for Muslims like mosques on the Temple Mount.

In his statement, Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel is in an “all-out war” against “Palestinian terror” and promised to wage a "fight to the death" in the wake of killing of four Israelis in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that he’d ordered strict measures aimed to prevent acts of terror and restrain and punish terrorists, pledging a “harsh offensive on Palestinian Islamic terror.”

Is this decision Right?

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