Nigerians dissapointed at #TheList Prt2

After waiting for months to view the members that will make up the cabinet of Nigeria's president, Muhammadu Buhari, the List was released today by the Senate.

but Nigerians were a little bit dissapointed by the 21 names revealed. Although this is the partial list with another set of names expected soon and which will all be screened on October 13th , Nigerians felt a little betrayed about the released list which they expected was going to dominated by individuals i would regard as the "Justice League" comprising of people like Economic professor and public critic, Pat Utomi and Femi Falana, human right activist and Lawyer etc. but unfortunately that was not the case.
However, Nigerians keep their fingers crossed for the release of the other part of the list.
See their tweets below.

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