Twitter, Matt Barnes and 95 Miles

New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes were involved in a physical altercation Saturday night in Los Angeles at the home of Barnes' ex-wife, sources confirmed to on Wednesday.

When Barnes arrived at the home, he got physical with Fisher, sources said. But Fisher did not show any outward physical injuries when he returned to practice on Tuesday. Fisher told Knicks officials he had enjoyed spending time with his children over the weekend, sources said.

Barnes and Fisher played together with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2010 to 2012 and were said by one former teammate to be "very close" at the time.

Oh! you've not heard the last of it as it was also reported that Matt Barnbes drove 95 miles from LA to beat his coach, but  didn't really do anything harmful to the man and that piece of information(95 miles to LA) is one which the twitter world is never letting go , see the comments.

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