You are not Alone #WorldMentalHealthDay

"You are not the first and will not be the last, so fight to conquer, don't let it conquer you"

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay, where people from around the globe show their support for those battling with mental issues like depression, anxiety, different sorts of Phobia/fear etc.

We all might think how  this issue concern us, but to be frank it does, we all might think we are okay after going through some emotional storm, that everything is all right but that might not be the case as we may choose to forget things but the choice is not  entirely ours because our brains will always replay back memories at any slight trigger.
While some of us suffering from depression, Happiness eludes us, we are in a constant state of moodiness, our brain choosing to remain and remember those events and incidents that makes us feel apart from the world, sometimes it might push us to the ultimate extreme which is to end it all, but this today symbolizes that there are people in the world who love us even when we think the world is against us.There are people far away who care for us from faraway but due to distance, we cannot feel the impact of the love from across the seas but Thank God for social networks and media, you can see the love , you can feel the love and show  that you are never alone. You are not the first to have and you won't be the last to suffer this condition
The world is never against you, you just feel so, The world needs you, it is your subconscious that thinks so or aids  a notion by a person who say they don't need you.We all need you.
No matter where you are , remember anytime you feel depressed, you are loved and you are never alone, the  world stretches beyond your immediate four walls of a room.So make a promise to yourself,your family , to Us and the World, that you will Conquer that condition.
We at #1Creek Appreciate you!
Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay

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